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Taking photos of friends in the outdoor for “I’ve been here” shots is easy.  But posing models for the calendar-like or fashion magazines style is an art you will learn in this workshop.

There are 2 classroom lesson and 6 practical field trips.

Knowledge like how to make the best use of available lightings, to use reflectors or fill-in flash is covered during practical lessons.  Also covered are choosing the background, depth-of-field control, and posing the model.

Every Sunday.  1st Lesson - On Thursday.

1st lesson: Thursday 8 pm to 10:30 pm
Subsequent lessons: Sunday 8 am to 10:30 am

Outdoor, only 1st lesson in SAFRA Photographic Club

Guek Peng Siong / Christopher Wong

$192.60 (PC Member)            $ 208.65 (SAFRA Member)             $ 224.70 (Guest)


Basic Digital Photography  |  Basic Photo Editing  |  Monochrome Photography  |  Nature Photography - Macro  |  Studio Portraiture  |  Travel Photography