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This is an intermediate course for those who have basic knowledge in photography, as your attention will be in controlling the lighting equipment.

Through the 8 lessons, you will have hands on practice under the guidance of the instructor in setting up different lighting for all kind of facial characteristic.  You will learn how to do a set ups from 1 to 5 or more lightings to create effects like Rembrandt, butterfly, broad and narrow, high and low key.

Upon completing this course, you not only know how to set up studio lightings, but also in how to handle and direct models in various poses.

Certifications are upon submission and passing the assessment after the course.

Every Tuesdays

8 pm to 11 pm

SAFRA Photographic Club Studio

Christopher Wong / Victor Chick

$192.60 (PC Member)            $ 208.65 (SAFRA Member)             $ 224.70 (Guest)


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